The Library of Infinities is a collective attempt at envisioning liberation of the imagination through literature, solidarity, and the narratives of resilience woven through black diasporic communities across Turtle Island.

This crowdsourced library of books and listening material will be available for visitors to explore from August to October 2021.

Contributions to the project (book titles) have been made by community leaders, artists, writers, activists, teachers in Halifax where it originally began when it was formerly known as Black Libraries Matter. By activating a space with the multiplicity of Black voices on this land, we are creating a portal of resources and stories that can empower and open minds.

This space is a portal,
Not one that boasts of one monolithic understanding of Black people
but rather one that holds space for a boundless constellation of interrelations.


In the fall of 2017, artist Shaya Ishaq began a project called Black Libraries Matter during a residency at the Khyber Centre for the Arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This community generated initiative created in partnership with the North Branch Memorial Library was a celebration of resistance through literature and valued ideas as a catalyst for hope and change around issues of social injustice pertaining to the Black diaspora.

This space composed of books, music, film and video work by Black and Afro-Diasporic creators based in Canada and beyond was activated by events such as a reading group, film screenings and art making workshops co-facilitated with local Black artists. This summer, Shaya Ishaq will be revisiting this project in a major exhibition at SAW that will transform the entire facility into a library and community action space. In addition to the physical exhibition space and off-site collaborations, a website will be launched in order to reach audiences across the country and around the world, giving the Black Libraries Matter project a digital and online presence that will engage audience members well beyond the exhibition.